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Thank you for visiting our official website. "Bar, K" was born on June 6, 1988, and has been supported by customers for over 30 years in Osaka and Kitashinchi. We offer cocktails centered on standard and whiskey centered on Scottish single malt. We hope that you will spend a relaxing time with your close friends, such as after work. On this site, the owner and chief bartender Michihiko Matsuba also introduces the particulars and episodes related to cocktails and whiskey.

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Our shop is a small shop. Please be gentle and modestly follow the rules of the restaurant and the customs of bars in Japan so as not to inconvenience other customers. The following are the main rules. ・ Groups of 4 or more cannot enter the store.
・Under 20 years old cannot enter the store.
・Please wait at the entrance until you guide you to your seat.
・Be sure to order at least one drink per person.
・Do not talk loudly or innocently talk to other people.
・Be sure to put your smartphone in the manner mode.
・When making a call, please ask at the entrance.
・ It is prohibited to take pictures with a flash.
・Price includes 10% sales tax and seat charge.
・We do not accept reservations. We will answer the phone only 30 minutes before you come to the store.

Efforts against COVID-19

Based on the impact of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we are trying to create an environment where you can visit us with peace of mind. We perform diligent ventilation and thoroughly disinfect the inside of the store, including counters and chairs. A transparent acrylic board is also available for the counter. In addition, we carry out alcoholic disinfection of customers' hands when entering the store and restrict the store when it is crowded. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your cooperation.

Cocktail, it's an eternal challenge

A cocktail made by a bartender using a wide variety of spirits, liqueurs and fresh fruits. Not only the famous and historic classic cocktail called Standard, but now it continues to evolve all over the world and new cocktails are born every day. Chief bartender Michihiko Matsuba described it as "a world that never ends. Even though there is no goal, we can move forward and back. Still, while making it, we discover it every day." Even after 30 years of career, its charm is endless. Among them, Bar, K aims to "I want to convey the goodness of the standard, and I want to make an effort to express the taste of the creator." Mojito, who went to Cuba to think about recipes and won the Grand Prix in the contest, and Gimlet made from homemade cordial lime that was created 25 years ago. It's a classic, but it's a bit different. Born from an eternal challenge, there must be new discoveries in the pouring.  

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Smoky and mellow

10 times in Scotland. 5 degrees to Islay. In each case, the scene seen at the distillery standing facing the sea is burned. Whiskey produced in Scotland is called "Scotch whiskey" and is one of the five largest whiskeys in the world. "Islay Malt" made on Islay is characterized by the smoky scent of peat. What I felt there was that the sea breeze and the water used added a special flavor to the smoky taste. "It's grown in the ocean and aged in the ocean. It feels like Islay's taste." Is it mellow? Surrounded by beautiful nature, many of the islanders are engaged in the whiskey industry, and I have witnessed people working silently. Inspire the producers. We will deliver the tradition of the sacred place over the counter.

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